3 reasons why people choose Tabirai car rental(Introducing official articles about Tabirai Car Rental)

3 reasons why people choose Tabirai car rental

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Car rental products are from major car rental companies only

It’s your long-awaited Japan trip. It would be quite troublesome if there were a problem with your rental car–wouldn’t this be a big concern for some travellers? “Tabirai rent-a-car” brings you only specially-selected rental products from major car rental companies such as ORIX rent-a-car, Times rent-a-car, NIPPON rent-a-car, and TOYOTA rent-a-car.

Not only do these major car rental companies keep their cars in perfect shape, but they also provide professional service and insurance support.

No.1 supported company by Nippon Travel Agency

The Okinawa-based rent-a-car company founded in June, 2006, initially focused on Japanese customers, has arranged more than a total of 1.2 million reservations. The company, has a decade history, now owns a car rental comparing and booking website with the number one sales records in Okinawa, Kyushu, and Hokkaido. The website is widely used for travels, leisure trips, as well as business trips and home leave.

In October, 2015, the company newly opened an English rental car website for foreign tourists to provide a pleasant driving experience all across Japan. Reserve a car with Tabirai rent-a-car today.

We provide a safe, worry-free Japan trip

We assumed that there must be customers who feel anxious travelling in strange lands and driving on completely unfamiliar roads. That’s why Tabirai rent-a-car has equipped all its cars with satellite navigation (with English support), ETC in-vehicle device, and disclaimer compensation.

Since the website offers rentals from only major car rental companies, the cars are in perfect shape. Reserve with Tabirai rent-a-car and drive your car non-anxiety.