Documents necessary for car rental in Japan (Explanation of International Driving Permit)

Documents necessary for car rental in Japan (Explanation of International Driving Permit)

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Drivers from Singapore / Malaysia/ Thailand/ Korea/ Hong Kong/ etc.

1.  International driving permit

* You have to show your international driving permit issued under the Convention of Road Traffic of Sep. 19, 1949. Please confirm that there is a statement “CONVENTION ON ROAD TRAFFIC OF 19 SEOTEMBER 1949“.

List of the contracting countries of the Convention at Geneva 1949

*Please check the expiration date of international driving permit. International driving permits are valid for one year from the date of issue.

* For driving a vehicle of 8 or more seating capacity, an international driving permit in category D is required.

2.  Passport

* It’s not needed for driving, but you are required to show it for identification.

3.  Credit card

* Credit card payment are optional but highly recommended by most car rental companies.

Drivers from Taiwan / France / Switzerland / Germany / Belgium

1.  Documents translated into Japanese

* The translated version should be issued by public institutions (embassies or cultural institutes in Japan) or Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). Please note that documents tranlated by yourself are invalid.

2.  Your home licence

3.  Credit card

* Those who live in Japan (those who has resident card), the expiration date of international driving permit is different from usual. Please check with the public authorities for details.

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Drivers who hold a foreign driving license must have one of the following in order to drive in Japan: 1) An international driving permit; 2) A valid foreign driver’s license AND a Japanese translation of that license (applicable countries and regions only).



You need to have a valid driver’s license and also meet the qualifications to drive in Japan.
The detailed information is as follows. Please read through the information before departure.