Three benefits of using a rental car during your trip in Japan (a basis for renting car)

Three benefits of using a rental car during your trip in Japan

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It’s probably many people worry about “how to drive a rental car in Japan”. Indeed, driving in Japan is not so difficult unless in metropolitan areas. Every year many tourists from abroad enjoy driving in Japan. Also, car rental is a very common way of travel for Japanese.

Here are three benefits of using a rental car during your journey.

1. Move to tourist spots and facilities in a quick and convenient way

A car is usually unnecessary or even burdensome for exploring Japan’s big cities (like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya) where public transportation networks are well managed. However, it is often inconvenient to use public transportation, such as trains and buses to move to tourist spots or facilities in local cities and rural areas. For example, you may have to walk further after reaching the nearest station of the tourist spot by trains, or the bus routes are so complicated and difficult to understand. In contrast, you just enjoy driving to the destination parking lot by using a rental car.

2. Freely create your travel schedule

It’s easy to handle even if there is a sudden change in schedule. Also, it may be cheaper than using public transportation (like Shinkansen) when traveling with a big group.

3. Rental car is a simple and cheap way for families or groups of friends traveling together

Driving a rental car in the case of family trips and group travel tours, you can enjoy talking and laughing as loud as you’d like without disturbing the surrounding area. No matter when a child cries, it won’t bother around. Looking at beautiful sceneries, eating delicious meal and sweets in the car and enjoy talking with trip members during driving. It’d be a wonderful trip.

*By using a rental car, it goes without saying that your journey in Japan will become more fun and flexible. If you are planning a trip in the following areas, it’s suggested to rent a car for sightseeing and driving.

· Trips in Hokkaido or Okinawa
· Tours of several prefectures in Kyushu (Fukuoka, Oita, Nagasaki, Saga and etc.)
· Tours mainly in Osaka
· Tours from Nagoya to Hokuriku
· Trips in Tohoku, Chugoku and Shikoku area