[Japan Self Drive]Useful and easy-to-understand information. It’s a must see for those who rent a car for first time!!

Showing you a piece of the complete picture of car rental in Japan!

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“I want to drive when visiting Japan!” “I’d like to hire a car in Japan!” How do you find out the relevant information? You might visit various car rental companies’ official websites or blog sites like “JAPAN Rent a Car NAVI“.

Until now, there was no article that clearly explained all information about car rental in Japan. Recently, some well-organized and easy to understand information is made publicly available. In this article, we’d like to introduce a web service called “Tabirai Car Rental” that provides online car reservation services.

As we place emphasis on simplicity, the details and descriptions might be insufficient. But we strongly believe that it’d be useful materials to get the complete picture of car rental in Japan. Please take a look.

Experts teach us! Secret Tips for Renting a Car in Japan!

Actually car rental is very simple! All you want to want to know about car rental in here(ProductionTabirai Car Rental)

Article URLhttp://en.tabirai.net/car/guide/

Tabirai explains all of car rental completely from requirements when rent a car in Japan to payment method of fee on that day. If look through the page, you will understand all of car rental!Rent a car in Japan and enjoy the free car trip.

STEP1: Can I rent a car in Japan?

*Want to know basic information of car rental!
*What are requirements when rent a car in Japan?
*How to find reliable car-rental company?
*How to make a reservation for car?
*Actually does foreigners rent car in Japan?

STEP2: Try to rent a car that suits yourself

*Decide the car according to purpose of trip
*Decide departure place, returned place
*Use expressway smoothly by using ETC
*Use fixed amount service of expressway for long range transport
*Try to use convenient car navigation system in a strange land

STEP3: Try to reserve it actually!

*Review term used in reservation site of car rental
*Understand difference of insurance compensation and indemnity against liability excatly
*When want to have a sudden in schedule and reserve it again
*Know the payment method of fee
*Come on, let’s find a car rental!

Article URLhttp://en.tabirai.net/car/guide/